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A note from the owner and artisan. 


This was supposed to be only a hobby. I tell myself that I'm still shocked at my success on days when I'm still shocked. Originally, leather crafting was an after-work activity that I would engage in to relieve the stress of the day-to-day grind of corporate America. I had no idea that people were watching and admiring my work. 

Initially, each item that I made for myself had its utility. One day, in 2016, while working as the Media Relations Manager for the American Retirement Association in Washington, D.C., my coworkers began to request custom items. Thanks to a few tips and tricks from Steve, owner of Bedos Leather Work LLC, I learned the art of the saddle stitch. Equipped with the skill, I began crafting custom pieces for coworkers. Overnight, the business seemed to blossom.

Today (2022), I'm happily running the small atelier. Although I prefer only to use exotic leathers, there is a large market for repurposing authentic vintage designer bags. Either way, I want to make items that everyone likes. Please feel free to contact me personally at

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